Who We Are

  • A team of dedicated blood banking and transfusion professionals.
  • Driven by the vision of ensuring safe blood products for all Pakistanis.
  • Committed to building a coordinated blood transfusion system.

What we do

P-First provides blood banking services to mainly private sector patients and hospitals, by creating, promoting and organizing hub and spoke model of Hospital Blood Banks linked to a Blood Bank Center.

Our Philosophy


Implement standardized practices for quality and efficiency.


Empower our staff with the necessary skills and knowledge.


Utilize advanced technology to ensure safety and accuracy.


Uphold ethical standards and transparency in our operations.

Where we work

P-Firstsolutions Blood Center started its operations at center located in Bahria Phase 7 in Nov 2019. With the developments and economic challenges as well as growth, it relocated to Mega Medical Complex in Saddar Rawalpindi.

Our Blood Center

P-First Solutions Blood Center: Mega Medical Complex, Saddar Rawalpindi.

Expanding Reach

Partnering with hospitals across Pakistan.

PFS Hospital Blood Banks include:

  • Pakistan Railway Hospital
  • Cantonment General Hospital
  • IIMCT Pakistan Railway General Hospital , Rawalpindi
  • Al_Sayyed Hospital Taxilla
  • Shamshad Aslam Hospital Blood Bank Wah
  • Umar Bashir Hospital Lala Musa
  • The Hospitals utilizing the services under an MoU arrangement include:

  • Heart international Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Mega Medical Complex Saddar Rawalpindi
  • Cantonment General Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Maryam Memorial Hospital, Peshawar Road Rawalpindi
  • Fouji Foundation Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Riphah international Hosp DHA-II Rawalpindi
  • Anwar Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Spring North Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Bahria international Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Westridge Hosp & Pain Center, Peshawar Road Rawalpindi
  • Ghosia Medical Center, Peshawar Road Rawalpindi
  • Al-Ihsan Hospital
  • Capital Diagnostic Center Wah Cantt
  • Wah International Hosp Wah Cantt
  • Al-Syed Hospital Taxila
  • Umer Hospital Wah Cantt
  • Dewal Hospital Kalar Sayedaan
  • Professor Brigadier (Retd) Nuzhat Mushahid TI(M) has led a distinguished 36-year career in clinical pathology, hematology, blood transfusion services, and academia. A graduate of Army Medical College Rawalpindi in 1987, with postgraduate specialization in Pathology from CPSP, Karachi in 1995, she has served in various capacities within Pakistan's military hospital laboratories, blood banks, and medical schools. Notably, her roles have included Commandant of the Armed Forces Institute of Transfusion, Associate Professor of Pathology, and CEO & Technical Consultant of P-Firstsolutions Blood Center. Her work, marked by leadership in developing national blood policy and pioneering technology in transfusion services, alongside her academic contributions in teaching, curriculum development, and supervision, highlights her commitment to enhancing healthcare standards. Her entrepreneurial venture in establishing a private blood center further demonstrates her dedication to improving transfusion medicine in Pakistan.

    Nuzhat Mushahid
    Leadership History