Give the Gift of Blood

Blood donation is an act of profound compassion, by giving the gift of blood, donors become unsung heroes. It's a selfless gesture that transcends borders, races, and backgrounds, uniting humanity in the noble cause of saving lives.

Why Donate Blood ?

Every two seconds, someone in the world needs blood. By donating just one pint of blood, you can potentially save up to three lives. Your donation could make all the difference for someone in need, whether they're undergoing surgery, battling cancer, or recovering from an accident.

Ready to be a hero? Click below to donate blood and save lives.

Introducing our Initiative:

Bridging donors with those in need, saving lives and strengthening communities.

Compliance with ICCBBA ISBT 128 Standards:

Ensures that your blood establishment meets the necessary regulatory requirements, maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality.

Production of Freeze-Dried Plasma

Our state-of-the-art facilities produce high-quality cryoprecipitate, meeting international standards. We guarantee purity and potency, vital for treating hemophiliacs and von Willebrand disease patients. This supports our mission to enable home therapy in underresourced areas, making clotting factors accessible and affordable

Blood Establishment Computer System

PFS presents its advanced BECS software, meeting ICCBBA ISBT 128 standards for blood establishments. Our locally developed solution enhances operational efficiency, safety, and compliance.

Who We Are

  • A team of dedicated blood banking and transfusion professionals.
  • Driven by the vision of ensuring safe blood products for all Pakistanis.
  • Committed to building a coordinated blood transfusion system.